Provider Resiliency Toolkit

"An important part of resiliency is recognizing what you have influence over and what you don't. No matter what, you can be a leader and engender change within your area of influence."
- VA Provider

Toolkit Overview

Provider Resiliency & Self-Care

This toolkit is a resource created for treatment providers to help reduce the effects of job-related stress, burnout and secondary traumatic stress. Working in the mental health field can be incredibly rewarding as you assist patients in making lasting changes in their lives. However, it can also be discouraging and stressful when patients fail to make improvements or when life and /or work demands exceed your capacity. Our aim is to provide brief, targeted, and useful strategies for self-care that can be implemented easily in the workplace and at home.

Some of what is offered in this toolkit is evidence-based, some is evidence-informed, and some is drawn from providers' own experiences of what worked for them. This toolkit was designed for you, by providers like you.

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